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ERALED leads the way in LED display manufacturing & technology, with the registered capital of 100 million RMB, specialized in manufacturing of UHD Small pixel LED display, UHD Small pixel LED TV, Rental LED display, Fixed LED display, outdoor LED display, indoor LED display, Creative LED display, Sports stadium LED display, Advertising LED display, Control room LED display, Mobile LED display, Entertainment LED display, Arc LED display, Real estate LED display, TV & Broadcasting Station LED display, Transportation LED display, Billboard advertising LED display, Front Accessible LED Display, LED modules.
ERALED offers user-friendly products that optimize productivity and business efficiency and maintain the highest standards of design and quality. Customer satisfaction is our prime objective and our high quality LED video display was used in more than 170 countries and win a high reputation.
ERALED has its own facilities for Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in China, Europe, North America, South America & Middle East.
Our Factory
ERALED's advanced management regulation; strict quality control system & our experienced, responsible and reliable staff ensure you the best quality, user friendly product and trouble free after sales service. ERALED helps you concentrate all your time and energy on your main business by the perfect production & service system.
ERALED's strong, experienced & reliable R&D team, mass production mode & world's largest manufacturing base guarantee ensure any kinds of your OEM, ODM cooperation complete in the fastest speed, high quality, good price & strong delivery ability.
ERALED has the industry's highest precision super high-speed SMT machine and the world's leading automatic manufacturing line.
Quality is the life of ERALED. With high reliability, perfect comprehensive service and price advantage, our products were wildly used in more than 170 countries, 3000 cities all over the world.
ERALED's fast growth needs your help, support, wisdom & strength. Warmly welcome joining us as our partner, staff, vendor, customer and investors!
ERALED warmly welcome far-sighted customers, excellent staff, raw material vendor to be our investor.
Now it's time to:
Choosing New ERA, Owning New ERA, Starting New ERA with ERALED!
Our Product
Indoor LED display
Outdoor LED display
Fixed LED display
Rental & Staging LED display
Front Serviceable LED display
Eenergy saving LED display
Bendable Flexible LED display
Sports Stadium Perimeter LED display
UHD TV LED Display
Poster LED Display
Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display
Arc LED Display
Creative LED Display
Transportation LED Display
LED Display Module
LED Display cabinet
Energy-saving LED Display
Message LED Display
Product Application
Class room & auditorium
Control rooms
Digital signage
Meeting room & boardroom
Smart cities
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
ERALED has the industry's highest precision super high-speed SMT machine and the world's leading automatic manufacturing line.P6mm Indoor Full Color HD LED Display manufacturers
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