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O mnie: Who Are We ?
With our own iron mould, injection and blowing machines, Babson toner factory produces cartridge shells on our own.Founded in 2001, Babson Industrial Group Limited is the top 10 compatible toner cartridge manufacturer in Zhuhai, China. Babson Toner supplies a wide range of compatible laser toner cartridges for being used in HP, Samsung, Brother, Canon, Xerox etc, and copier toners for Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Canon, Sharp, Ricoh etc.
With over 16 years’ experience in exporting, Babson offers business solutions to clients in Middle East, Southeast Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Russia etc.
Today, Babson continues to develop it’s printing solution to create a larger platform for more clients.
Why Choose Us ?

How To Ensure Quality?

Quality Control

How To Serve Clients ?
● Fast feedback of technical problems < 12 hours Engineers with 5 years professional experience
● Keep clients informed of orders from A to Z
● Experienced operation team to handle all goods safely and efficiently
● 24 months warranty and 1:1 replacement of defective goods during the period
● Fast delivery with 15-20 working days of a 20 feet container
● Quick response of any inquiries of toners 24/7
Our Honors

Our Team
24A Toner Cartridge For HP manufacturers
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