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O mnie: Building Maintenance Systems Gondola Davits introduction
BMU is a permanent suspended access equipment for building façade and window cleaning, maintenance etc., with complete set of safety devices. For buildings differences, BMU should be designed according to the specific building characteristics. Based on the construction site’s condition, we will dispatch technicians for support you in drawings, choosing the most suitable model of BMU Glass cleaning one.If you have any questions, we will be glad to help you.
Function of Building Maintenance Systems Gondola Davits
1、Maintenance-can carry two workers and simple work tools to inspect and maintain the exterior of the building.
2、Cleanliness-Two workers can carry out regular cleaning and cleaning of the exterior of the building, which can keep the exterior of the building clean and new in appearance.
3、Emergency-In the case of fire and other special circumstances, trapped persons can be transported vertically.
4、Transportation-Items and equipment that cannot be transported by elevators can be lifted vertically. For example, large glass plates, etc.
Product Application
1. The BMU is for high rise building elevation manual cleaning and maintenance.
2. Building maintenance units (BMU) are customized equipment to meet the needs of clients. The BMU can be designed in different types according to building height, elevation and building top structure.It is suitable for the target building for exterior access, maintenance and cleaning of building facade.
3. These products are maintenance friendly and built to last. This is a fundamental and valuable component, as access is often hindered by scaffolding systems.
1. Q:How can i get to your factory?
A:Our factory is near shanghai Airport, we can pick you up in the airport.
2. Q:If i will need to stay in your place for few days, is that possible to book the hotel for me?
A:It’s always our pleasure, hotel booking service is available.
3. Q:How is your goods quality?
A:We cooperated with many world class companies for many years,. our products received good response from our customers.Slide Ladder Type BMU factory
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